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Travel for Cultural Festivals

“The word 'festival' comes from the Latin word ‘festivus’. The word ‘festivus’ explained as lively, festive, joyous, gladsome and merry”


A Cultural festival is defined as a special day, usually in memory of a heritage event,  religious or traditional event, with its own social activities, food or ceremonies, or an organized set of special events, such as musical performances or plays, usually happening in one place to prosper their respective cultures.

Revival Travel Definition is targeting Heritage tourism, which is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry. There is also a trend towards an increased specialization among travelers.

Revival Travel Definition introduces an all year round calendar of cultural festival tours to well-educated and mature travelers who desire authenticity and sought enjoyment as well as socialization. We thrive to be a part of the tourist’s interactive cultural learning experience.

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“ 2.5% of Revival profit share will go to Revival Charity Organization that helps families and children in need”

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