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Travel for Alternative Medicine

" The term Alternative Medicine means any form of medicine that is outside the mainstream of western medicine or conventional medicine as practiced by the majority of doctors today. Alternative medicine practices are used instead of standard medical treatments

Alternative medicine exists in all cultures. These medicines date back hundreds or even thousands of years depending on the country and culture concerned. There are more than 100 systems of Alternative medicine still in practice all over the world.  Every country, region or area has its own traditional system of health and medical care.For the Egyptians it is Herbalism, Aromatherapy & Sand Burial treatments; for the Chinese it is Acupuncture; for the French, it is Magnetic healing; for Indians, it is Ayurveda ; for Japanese, Shiatsu, and many more cultural traditional ways .

Revival Travel Definition initiative is to introduce tours to such cultures, to revive old traditions, to be a gateway for tourists to heal their body problems naturally, to reconnect to the pure natural world of God’s creation and to learn about each culture natural medicinal resources like plants, herbs, minerals, stones & many other body healing natural resources.

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“2.5% of Revival profit share will go to Revival Charity Organization that helps families and children in need”

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